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Providing a healthy foundation for struggling students

At South Oaks Hospital, we understand the challenges associated with diagnosing, treating and supporting reintegration of students who are dealing with mental health conditions. We recognize that a variety of issues, from the stigma associated with mental illness to the restrictions that may be a part of a health insurance plan, can create obstacles for families and school districts trying to support students in need of services.

Our mission-based consultation service offers early intervention and effective care coordination for school-aged students, from kindergarten through high school. Our board-certified child and adolescent psychiatrists can provide on-site consultation, psychiatric evaluation and medication review, leveraging the expertise of the school district’s clinicians and working collaboratively with the school-based team. Our licensed mental health professionals also deliver care coordination services, navigating the health insurance environment and working in close partnership with the school district and family in order to connect students with the identified level of care. Our clinicians are accessible for guidance and support whenever needed, 24 hours a day. And as part of Northwell Health, we provide direct access to the resources of the health system, including guided connections to Northwell specialty hospitals and medical facilities.

Partnering to build your staff’s skills

As we support your students, we also work to help your district’s faculty grow and develop. Our psychiatric subject-matter experts are available to conduct professional development sessions on-site, with a curriculum that meets the standards of the healthcare industry, to enhance your staff’s understanding of mental health conditions, the evidence-based practices used in healthcare settings and the resources that school-based faculty can deploy.

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