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Recovering & thriving after substance use

Our inpatient substance use disorder programs serve individuals who suffer from a variety of addictive disorders, including alcoholism, opioid use disorder and other chemical dependencies, and who require a higher level of care. Our programs include medically supervised detoxification and rehabilitation in a structured environment, as well as a specialized recovery plan for healthcare professionals who struggle with addiction. We also offer programs to support significant others whose lives are affected by a loved one’s substance use.

Our services include a comprehensive evaluation that encompasses psychiatric, psychosocial and addiction assessments, a physical exam and lab work; vocational, nutritional, psychiatric and medical consultations, as needed; 24-hour nursing care; educational groups; group therapy; family sessions; specialized groups (men’s, women’s, anger management, relaxation, coping skills, art, music and physical fitness); daily self-help groups (such as Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous and Cocaine Anonymous); medication-assisted therapies; and discharge planning and referrals.

Our programs


Our medically supervised detoxification program uses medication to manage the physical symptoms of withdrawal so clients can safely stop using alcohol and/or other drugs. Nurses and counselors work with clients and help provide insight into the dynamics of addictive disease and the recovery process.


Our rehabilitation program provides a structured environment in which clients can begin the process of sobriety. A variety of workshops and educational and counseling sessions offer support and guidance.

Services for healthcare professionals

This program provides a recovery plan designed to meet the needs of healthcare professionals who struggle with addiction.

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