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South Oaks Hospital’s Career and Educational Counseling Center provides vocational rehabilitation and career guidance to individuals with disabilities. The program offers services to those who wish to seek higher education, change their career path, transition from school to work, or have been out of the job market due to a disability or addiction.

The program’s goal is to provide individuals with increased insight regarding their strengths and weaknesses through assessment, observation and counseling. It is designed to provide career guidance and direction, whether that calls for vocational training, transition planning, further education or job placement.

Vocational rehabilitation & career guidance

  • Individualized career, ability, interest and general vocational and educational testing

  • Psychological testing

  • Career guidance and career research activities
  • Exploration of training programs, schools and colleges
  • Referrals for schooling and other case management needs
  • Individual and group vocational counseling, including training in job-seeking skills, interview techniques, coping with stress at work, dealing with difficult co-workers, decision-making, assertiveness training, personal and social skills at work and effective communication

Job placement services

  • Individualized job placement plan
  • Resume and cover letter development

  • Computer and fax access

  • Consultation on marketable skills
  • Interview skills development
  • Individual counseling sessions to review progress

  • Continuous job development and placement assistance
  • 90-day follow-up according to needs

Adolescent transition services & life skills programming

Our program provides transition and vocational evaluation services (Level II and III) at South Oaks Hospital or on-site in school districts, with no fee for initial services. Transition consulting and coordination services are offered to all districts.

Services and activities include:

  • Individual and/or classroom-based life skills, transition and vocational services

  • Level II and Level III assessments

  • Education on appropriate work behavior, job skills and life skills
  • Assistance in formulating post-secondary educational and vocational goals 
  • Job coaching and job placement
  • Support in exploring independent living options

  • Review eligibility for adult services, including VESID

  • Attendance at Committee on Special Education (CSE) for consultation and transition planning

The center is open Monday to Friday, 8am to 4pm. Evening hours by appointment.

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