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Getting here and written directions

South Oaks Hospital is accessible by car or public transportation.

400 Sunrise Highway
Amityville, NY 11701
(631) 264-4000

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Transportation information

Getting here by Long Island Rail Road/Bus

For information on bus or railroad service, please visit To contact the Long Island Rail Road by phone, call (516) 733-3900. To contact the Metropolitan Transit Authority by phone for schedule and rate information, call (516) 766-6722. Bus Route N54 provides service to South Oaks Hospital.

Getting here by car

Long Island Expressway:

  • From New York City, take Route 495 (Long Island Expressway) east to exit 49. From eastern Long Island, take Route 495 (Long Island Expressway) west to exit 49.
  • Turn south on Route 110.
  • Turn right on Louden Avenue and continue for approximately 1/4 mile.
  • Turn right at the entrance to South Oaks Hospital.

Southern State Parkway:

  • From New York City, take Southern State Parkway east to exit 32 and bear left at the fork. From eastern Long Island, take Southern State Parkway west to exit 32.
  • Turn south on Route 110.
  • Turn right on Louden Avenue and continue for approximately 1/4 mile.
  • Turn right at the entrance to South Oaks Hospital.


Free parking is available for visitors to South Oaks Hospital outside Valentine Hall. Visitors may use parking spots identified by green markings or in any nonrestricted area identified by white markings.

About your stay

At South Oaks Hospital, our focus is on caring for our patients and helping them stay safe and comfortable on their path toward recovery. In order to provide a safe, supportive environment, staff will check all items brought in for patients and may permit some to be used only under supervision.

Some items that may not be permitted include: 

  • Electronics
  • Items that are sharp or contain alcohol
  • Items such as belts or clothing with strings that cannot be removed, such as hoodie sweatshirts

We suggest patients bring no more than five changes of clothing, including pajamas and jackets (if needed for the weather).

Patients are provided with:

  • A closet 
  • Toiletries
  • A hair dryer (in each inpatient unit)
  • Washing machine, dryer and detergent (in each inpatient unit)

If a patient requires any assistive devices, please let the nursing staff know as soon as possible. Glasses should be labeled with the patient’s name. If a patient uses dentures, a denture container will be provided; the patient should bring denture adhesive and cleaner. If a patient uses a hearing aid, please bring extra batteries. We encourage patients to bring their eyeglasses and hearing aids so that they can actively engage in treatment; however, please be aware that the hospital cannot take responsibility for their loss.

Patients are advised not to bring:

  • Valuables
  • Jewelry
  • Large sums of money 
  • Credit cards or checkbooks

If these cannot be sent home, they will be secured; the hospital cannot take responsibility for valuables in the patient’s possession. 

We believe that our patients’ families and other supports at home and in the community are an essential part of their care team. When patients arrive, we will ask if they want to specify a partner to be involved in their care; this is up to our patients, but could be a parent, spouse, brother or sister, child or friend. When a care partner is identified, we will ask the patient to provide consent so the treatment team can discuss their care with that partner. We will also ask our patients for the names of the professionals in the community who provide their care; this helps the treatment team create the most effective discharge plan when patients are ready to reintegrate into the community. 

At South Oaks Hospital, a multidisciplinary team coordinates patient care and provides support.

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Patients' Bill of Rights

Every patient has the right to receive treatment without discrimination based on race, color, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age, gender identity, gender expression or disability, in addition to other important rights.

Learn more about your rights as a patient.

Billing & insurance


There are three ways that you can make a payment on your hospital bill:

  • Mail your statement to the address below, along with a check or money order or your credit card information. Checks should be made out to South Oaks Hospital.
  • Call our business office to provide your hospital account number and credit card information. 
  • Pay your bill in person at South Oaks Hospital’s Carone Hall during normal business hours, Monday to Friday, 9am - 5pm. Payment plans can be arranged by contacting the business office and speaking to the representative assigned to the account to establish a monthly payment amount. The business office phone number is (631) 608-5136.

Mail payments to:

South Oaks Hospital
Attention: Business Office
400 Sunrise Highway
Amityville, NY 11701

If you have a question about your statement, call our business office at (631) 608-5136 to discuss it with a representative.

Working with your insurance company

It is important to refer to your insurance plan and policy to find out what you are expected to pay for your treatment. A couple of terms to know:

  • A deductible is the amount of money you pay for covered medical services before your insurance company starts to pay. The size of your deductible depends on the policy you have.
  • A copayment is the amount of money that you are required to pay each time you receive a covered service or treatment, after you’ve met your deductible. It is a set amount of money, like $15 or $30; the exact amount depends on the policy you have.
  • Coinsurance is a percentage of the bill you pay after you’ve met your deductible. The exact percentage depends on the policy you have. For instance, your policy might require 30% coinsurance; in that case, for every $100 in allowable charges for a covered service, you will be expected to pay $30.
  • An Explanation of Benefits (EOB) is a statement issued by your insurance company after you’ve received a treatment or service, explaining what the insurance company will pay and what is your responsibility to pay.

South Oaks Hospital accepts many insurance companies and plans. Contact your insurance company to find out if they participate with South Oaks Hospital.

You & South Oaks

At the end of your stay, you can request an itemized bill, listing the treatments and services you’ve received. You will receive a separate bill every time you are admitted to the hospital and every time you see a provider in an outpatient setting, like a doctor’s office. If you have questions about your bill, ask your insurance company for an Explanation of Benefits (EOB), or call our business office at (631) 608-5136 to speak with one of our representatives.

When you are discharged from South Oaks Hospital, your insurance company will be billed for the services and treatments you’ve received. You may also receive a bill for the portion that you are responsible for paying. This may be for your deductible, copayment or coinsurance, or for any out-of-network charges (for services you received from providers who are not in your insurance company’s network). The insurance company will send you an EOB to explain the payments you are expected to make.